Kommer Kleijn SBC

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Cinematographer, Stereographer, 3D consultant
Brussels, Belgium, Europe

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Kommer Kleijn SBC is a Director of Photography and a Stereographer who is also active in perception research, technology dvelopement and standardization and consults for equipment manufacturers. He was the first to shoot images digitally for a large format movie, after he DoP'd the first digitally captured clay animation short, which was also the first digitally captured movie using digital cinema camera techniques. He collaborated with the development of two specialty camera systems (one Digital Cinema, one 3D), a motion control rig (The Animoko) and a stereo processor for 3D live broadcast capture. He has worked on visual effects for commercials, special venue movies and large format movies and he has also photographed many of those. Among them are numerous stereoscopic productions, one IMAX 3D. He is practising stereography professionally since 1998 and as a stereographer has been involved with many kinds of productions including theatrical features, commercials and stereoscopic multi camera live captures for sports and music. He has pioneered supervising stereography for several of the very first direct 3DTV live transmissions in Europe. His interests extend into research on human hearing and he participates in a development team on sound reproduction and a new type of loudspeakers.

He is a teacher in 3 film schools, worked internationally as an instructor in 3D workshops for professionals, he Chaired the IMAGO technical committee for over 10 years, served as an SBC, UP3D and EDCF board member, chaired the SMPTE 21DC Additional Frame Rates Study and Ad Hoc Groups from 2006 till 2010 and was a co-chair of the SMPTE 21DC study group on High Frame Rates (HFR). He is a regular speaker on international image technology and 3D events and was awarded the "Bert Easey Technical Achievement Award" by the BSC in for his achievement in implementing the 60 frame rate proposal as an addition to the International Standard for Digital Cinema projection. He received an IMAGO Tribute Award for his long services to IMAGO, the European and International Federation of Cinematographers.

Recent works include supervision of the stereography for the Michael Flatley movie "Lord of the Dance 3D", of the live 8 camera 3D capture of the "3Dimensies" concert by Marco Borsato in the Gelredome, the Netherlands and the Dutch/Belgian full length HFR 3D feature "Above Us All" by Eugenie Jansen. His web site is at
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  • News  (14/9/2016):
    - I was bestowed the IMAGO TRIBUTE AWARD by the board of directors of IMAGO during the Imago General Assembly (IAGA) Bitola, Macedonia, on september 14, 2016 for my contributions to IMAGO among which the Chairmanship of the Imago Technical Committee for about 10 years.

    News  (20/9/2015):
    - I will be a speaker at the IMAGO - FNF Digital Cinematography Conference in Oslo, Norway, October 30 - Nov 1st, 2015

    News  (15/11/2014):
    - The short S3D movie "Northern Lights Over Mount Halde" by Morten Skallerud won the Second Prize in the Courant3D festival for short 3D films, Angoulême, France. I received the prize on behalf of the director having served as stereographer on the movie.

    News  (26/10/2014):

    - The feature film "Above Us All" by Eugenie Jansen won in the 'Best Feature' Award in the 3D IMAGE festival, Lodz, Poland. I actually received the prize myself as the lead stereographer on that movie.

    News  (28/6/2014):
    - The feature film "Above Us All" by Eugenie Jansen will be released (in full 3D HFR 50 fps/eye) at the Eye institute Amsterdam and other cinemas in the Netherlands on Sept 11th 2014. I served as the lead stereographer on this movie.

    News  (22/1/2014):
    - The feature film "Above Us All" by Eugenie Jansen will be premiered (in full 3D HFR 50 fps/eye) at the Berlinale Festival on februari 12th and 16th, 2014. I served as the lead stereographer on this project.

    News  (20/8/2013):
    - I will be a speaker at the IMAGO - FNF Digital Cinematography Conference in Oslo, Norway, September 6-8, 2013
    - I will be presenting at the IBC conference in Amsterdam on  tuesday morning Sept 17th (session EDCF D-Cinema Update, Free Session, Room E102, 10h00-13h00)

    News  (8/6/2013):
    - I will be a speaker at the "Dimension3 EXPO" on What's new in my movie theater ? - An EDCF conference at  the Dock Eiffel, Paris, France, June 18, 2013
    - The short S3D movie "Northern Lights Over Mount Halde" I stereographed will be premiering on the opening night at the Grimstad Short Film Festival, in Grimstad, Norway on June 11th 2013

    News  (11/2/2013):

    - I will be a speaker at the "FilmFrame Symposium" at the Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, May 3-4, 2013
    - I will be teaching on 3D HFR at the International 3D-Stereo (3DS) Forum, by Internationale Film Fernseh und Musik Akademie (IFFMA) in Munich on March 15th 2013
    - I will be participant and speaker at the CILECT/GEECT conference on "Teaching Cinematography" at La Femis, Paris, France, febr 25 and 26, 2013

    News  (25/10/2012):
    - I will work as an istructor for the 3D Academy oganised by 3D stereo Media, Liege Belgium, 3 and 4 December 2012
    - I will be presenting at 3D stereo Media Pro conference in Liege Belgium, 5 and 6 December 2012

    News  (1/08/2012):

    - I will be presenting at the IBC conference in Amsterdam on monday morning sept 10th (The New Grammar of Stereoscopic Filmmaking) and  tuesday morning Sept 11th (EDCF D-Cinema Update)
    - I will be part of a UP3D panel on 3D and HFR at CINEC CineCongress Munchen on sept 22nd 15h00

    News  (11/3/2012):
    - I will be teaching at the international 3D-STEREO (3DS) FORUM, by Internationale Film Fernseh und Musik Akademie IFFMA in Munich on March 16th 2012
    - I will be presenting during "Dimension 3 Expo" in Paris, on High Frame Rates (june 14th 17h00) and participate in a panel on "European 3D" (June 15th 2012 11:15h)

    News  (11/12/2011):
    - I will be presenting at IDIFF, Paris, januari 18th 2012 on "High Frame Rates for 3D and 2D digital Cinema"
    - "Marco Borsato 3Dimensies Concert" was released in full 3D on 3D Blu-Ray this month. I was the lead stereographer on this show
    - "Lord of the Dance 3D" (Dance Show by Michael Flatley) was released in full 3D on 3D Blu-Ray this month. I was the lead stereographer on this show

    News  (11/11/2011):
    - I will be speaking on the 3D stereo media conference in Liege Belgium on december 7, 8 and 9
    - I will work as an instructor on the 2 day 3D academy in Liege Belgium december 5 and 6
    - I will work as an instructor on the 3D campus in Paris from november 29 to december 2nd
    - I will be presenting on 3D projection, frame rates and silver screens at the Cameriage festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland on November 28
    - I will be participating in a 3D masterclass in Warsaw, Poland on november 24th
    - The feature shoot "Above Us All" went well and finished beginning of oktober.

    News  (31/08/2011):
    - I am working as a stereographer on the shooting of the movie "Above  Us All" , a full length feature film by Eugenie Jansen, photographed by Adri Schrover NSC. We are shooting in 3D at 50 fps per eye.
    - I will be presenting at the IBC conference on tuesday morning Sept 13th
    - Aardman Animations in Bristol U.K.have bought two additional ANIMOKO rigs and now own a total of three.

    News  (17/03/2011):
    - I will be participating in a 3D panel in a Euro MEDIA conference about AV education on monday 21 march.
    - I will be participating in a 3D session in Tampere, Finland on friday 11 march and saturday 12 march.
    - I will be participating in a 3D info evening in Amsterdam on monday 7 march.
    - The movie Lord of the Dance 3D, capture of Michael Flatleys' show "Lord of the Dance" will premiere in London on march 10 and will be released in cinemas in the UK, the USA, Ireland and Canada on March 17th.

    News  (20/11/2010):
    - I will be participating in 3D Stereo Media. This is an Expo, Conference and 3D film festival that will take place in Liège Belgium, Palais des Congres, 8, 9 and 10 december. There will also be a 3D training course on monday 6 and tuesday 7 december. I will be one of the trainers in the course, I will speak on the conference and there are a few pieces I stereographed in the festival as well :-)
    - I was hired to supervise stereography on Lord of the Dance 3D the capture of Michael Flatleys' show "Lord of the Dance". We shot five nights total in London and Dublin. The movie will premiere with a rich choice of cameras, rigs, technocrane, steadies and a furio. I also did a live 3D transmission of  international Rugby in Verona Italy, reported by "La 7" as the first 3D live broadcast in Italy.
    - In oktober I worked with Morten Skallerud shooting his 3D short film on the pioneers of northen light studies in Haldde on a mountain top not too far from the north pole. We had to transport all crew and equipment by helicopter.

    News (30/08/2010):
    - Aardman feature animations have ordered an ANIMOKO for use on their present feature shoot.
    - Learn more about Kommer in this article (in English) recently published by the NSC (Netherlands Society of Cinematographers). Dutch Language version also available.
    - Take a look at the preliminary slides for the free IBC workshops here (Rigs, 5Mb) and here (Challenges, 100Kb). If you feel like hearing the talk that goes with it then reserve a place on  the Production Village reception in Hall 11

    News (30/07/2010):
    IBC international expo and conference:  10 - 14 september 2010   AMSTERDAM  RAI  Center
    ---> See the ANIMOKO on stand 11.G21 of Mark Roberts Motion Control
    ---> Meet Kommer at one of the  4  3D workshops at IBC production village on saturday and sunday, or in one of the  two conference sessions on the IBC main conference on monday and tuesday. See lower for prelimanery presentation slides.

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