Thursday 21st November

Registration for Full Delegates followed by a Tour of London Facilities.
Full Delegates will be sent details of tours upon registration.

Friday 22nd November

Morning Programme at the bfi London IMAX Cinema (timings to be confirmed)

The Power of Raw Images

• Bugs Part 2 - presented by Phil Streather from Principal Large Format

• Sound for the Human Body - presented by Anthony Faust

• Photography Presentations - presented by David Keighley from IMAX

• Straight Up - A Large Format Adventure in Vertical Flight
- Jonathan Barker or Dave Douglas

• Forces of Nature - presented by Cathy Shaw

• Pulse - a Stomp Odyssey - presented by the Directors with a full screening

• The Trip - presented for the BBC

Afternoon Programme at NFT 1

Production Choices in the Digital Age

Visual Effects was the first part of the production process to encompass digital technology. The wealth of experience from within this arena has now spilled out into all areas of digital production; give greater choices in acquisition, dailies, post-production, distribution and exhibition. But how much of this new freedom is understood
by the production community at large?

This half-day seminar will explain and demonstrate how digital technology - when carefully harnessed - can save money in all stages of production, whilst offering greater creative choices.

• Introduction - Dave Scammell, Chairman of the BKSTS SFX & Animation Committee

• What is Digital all About? Setting the Digital Scene.

• Acquisition - what are the Options and Compromises? - moderated by Mitch Mitchell with Geoff Boyle

• Viewing the Rushes - what are Digital Rushes, and how do you get them? - presented by John Ferguy
of Sohonet

• Coffee Break

• Planning your Digital Production Chain (a case study)

• Digital Grading - presented by Kevin Phelan

• Digital Distribution - do you care? - presented by Jon Thompson and Patrick von Sychowsky

• Exhibition - the Final Frontier

• Questions

• Close

Saturday 23rd November

Morning Programme at the bfi London IMAX Cinema (Timings to be confirmed)

Manipulation of Large Format Images

• New Technologies and Effects - including clips of Star Wars - Attack of the Clones in IMAX and
Apollo 13 in IMAX 2D
- presented by David Keighley of IMAX

• Compositing in Large Format - Christina Schmidlin from Helicon

• Demo of Traditional Lab Effects Applied to 65/70mm Film including Bleach Bypass and Solaraziation - presented by Andrew Oran of Gulliver's Lab

• RealTime HD to 15/70 - presented by Chris Reyna of Imagica

• Shrek and Ants Blow Up - presented by Don MacBain for PDI/Dreamworks

• Imax 3D Model animation test - Tom Barnes of Aardman Animation

• IMAX Space Station 3D

Afternoon Programme at NFT 1

• Panel Session on Training within the VFX Industry. Participants to be confirmed.

• Water Giant — a 250 FX Movie! — presented by Hensons

• Coffee Break

• Character and 3D Animation - presented by Will Byles of Soho 601

• BOND 40 Years On BOND Gadgets and Physical Effects — BOND Post Production

• Close

Sunday 24th November

Full Day Programme at NFT 1

• Talking about Dinotopia - Mike McGee of Framestore-CFC (VFX Emmy Winner 2002 for Outstanding Visual Effects)

• Designers Creating Moving Pictures - Christian Hogue from Lost In Space

• New Developments in Motion Capture - Panel discussion moderated by Mike Kelt with Richard Hince from Artem Motion Capture and Danny Potkin for the BBC

• Primal Scream’s ‘Miss Lucifer’ - 2D and 3D Effects Music Video - presented by Graham Bird, Nick Seresin and Lars Magnus Holmgren of MPC

• VFX on Below - presented by Jesper Kjolsrud (CG Supervisor) and Martin Hill (Technical Director) from Double Negative

• Lunch Break

• Techniques from Akasha Ganga - The Biggest Indian Special Effects Movie EVER! presented by Christopher Holmes of Digitalia Productions

• Designers Creating Moving Pictures -Christian Hogue from Lost In Space

Remainder of the Afternoon Programme to be Confirmed

For updated programme information contact BKSTS on 01753 656656 or e-mail on



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